Clear Beveled Glass Cluster – ATILE-101

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Unassembled Clear Beveled Glass Cluster will add sparkle to your favorite room! Full size pattern not available. Limited Stock!

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Use this stained glass bevel cluster to create almost-unlimited possibilities for windows, doors and cabinets. Light reflecting through beveled glass brings unmistakable beauty to your project. Use this beveled glass cluster as the focal point with your favorite stained glass surrounding it.

Unassembled clear bevel cluster measure approximately 3 3/4” X 3 3/4” when assembled. Always pre-lay out bevel clusters on pattern before cutting glass to adjust for small differences in bevels.

Pattern not included.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 2 in


1 review for Clear Beveled Glass Cluster – ATILE-101

  1. phil unger (verified owner)

    This had the possibility to be a really awesome bevel cluster, but it definitely is NOT.

    First off, the cluster is so small as to be a problem. Foiling such small pieces is difficult and the small inside bends are impossible. The actual bevels themselves are irregular and could use a trip to a flat lap or grinder to dress the edges and square them up. Something the bevel maker obviously didn’t want to take the time to do.

    Ok, these are custom bevels, both of them, as the pattern is repetitive and uses only two shapes. Had the whole thing been half again or better yet twice the 3.75″ size it could have been truly awesome. As it stands, they are nice, neglecting the defects created in attempting to assemble them, but they are really really small.

    I would not buy anything ever again from this particular manufacturer as their quality control is very poor, as evidenced from the poor quality of bevels being sold in this product.

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