NatureScape Glass Leaf Kiln Molds

3D Fused Green Glass Leaf Lamp Shade

Ever wonder how to make a realistic fused leaf element for your masterpiece? Frit castings are ok but they are thick and hard to incorporate in your fused landscape. We have found the solution to this quandary. We are introducing the new NatureScape MOLDS that are two sided, realistic, leaf molds that produce slumped glass…

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DIY – Making your own Wine Bottle Fairy Garden

Finished DIY Wine Bottle Fairy Garden Project

I’ll walk you through the steps to create your very own hanging Wine Bottle Fairy Garden. I made six video chapters that walk you through the process of using a cut wine bottle to create your own. Turn that Wine bottle into an amazing decoration to highlight your own Fairy garden. In this video series,…

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Wine Bottle Cutting 101

Cut Wine Bottles on the Table

Ever look at that beautiful wine bottle and think I can make something out of this? Wine bottles comes in all sorts of colors and sizes and some are just too cool to recycle. Bottles also come in various thicknesses as well. I have found that the heavier bottles, such as Champagne bottles, can be harder…

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I Can’t Cut This Glass!

Toyo Glass Cutter

We’ve all been there, the Glass Gods must be on a coffee break  because you just can’t seem to cut the glass like you want. Hopefully we can cover some of the real problem areas of cutting and get you back on track. First, the cutter. There are so many different types of cutters. Most of us that…

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Which Foil do I choose?

Ever wonder why there are so many Copper Foil choices? Why do we need so many? The obvious is thicker glass needs wider foil. This is true. Stained glass can vary in thickness with the different manufacturers and sometimes you need to use a wider foil to cover the edges more. The most common sizes…

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Cutting Circles Makes Me Crazy

How to easily cut a circle in glass

Ever watch an old movie starring the hunky cat burglar that walks up to a plate glass window and scores a perfect circle?  Then he pulls out a suction cup and pops it out easily and he’s in. Only in Hollywood. When glass breaks, it will often have a slight flare, which would be nearly impossible for…

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