Dichroic Bevels

These bevels combine the beauty of dichroic glass, beveled glass and glue chip texture. We have select bevels in Magento, Yellow or Blue glass. The texture is available in Chinchilla or Glue Chip.

The dichroic gives these bevels even more multicolored and reflective properties than standard bevels. When you look at this glass, it appears to have more than one color at the same time, especially when viewed with different lighting.

This reflective phenomenon is similar to the swirling rainbow patterns in a soap bubble, floating colors from oil on water and the dramatic colors of dragonfly wings.

Quantities are very limited due to the manufacturer not making Dichroic Bevels any longer.
Some Flux products can be harsh on the Dichroic finish. Use a milder flux and limit the amount of flux that sits on the Dichroic finish during the project assembly.

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Showing all 4 results