Leaf Molds - NatureScape

NatureScape MOLDS can help you create stand alone leaves or placed in the center of your glass for an impressive design feature. They are very durable metal molds and will hold up to multiple firings. They can withstand rapid kiln temperature changes without mold damage.
Coat the NatureScape Mold with an aerosol Boron Nitride, such as ZYP or Mo-Re. DO NOT USE Slide Spray or Lower Friction brand Boron Nitride Spray because for this application, they don’t work well.
Water based mold release products, such as Brusable and Spray ZYP, or Primo Primer can be used on the molds if you preheat the mold to about 225 degrees. Apply the primer while the molds are hot to get a good bond.

Now all designs are available as sets of 2. More questions check out our problem solver post on leaf molds.

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