LF 10 – NatureScape Leaf Glass Molds

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This mold measures approximately 2 3/4″ x 2 3/4″, set of 2.

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NatureScape MOLDS can help you create stand alone leaves or placed in the center of your glass for an impressive design feature. They are very durable metal molds and will hold up to multiple firings. They can withstand rapid kiln temperature changes without mold damage. If glass happens to stick to the mold, it can be refreshed by sandblasting the glass remains off. Uncoated sides of the mold will darken after firing, this is normal. After firing, you may notice mold texture on your glass leaves, which adds character. You can also double stack your glass and molds to make more leaves at a time. You may need to adjust your firing schedule slightly. It may be necessary to lower the temperature or shorten your hold time to prevent thinning in spots. Thinning is more likely to happen on the heavier molds (LF6, 8, & 9)

Coat the NatureScape Mold with an aerosol Boron Nitride, such as ZYP or Mo-Re.

NOTE:  While not recommended, ZYP in the Brushable or Pump Spray form in a plastic bottle can be used only if the molds are preheated to about 225 degrees and applied while the molds are still hot. Unlike the aerosol form, Pump Spray and Brushable  ZYP are water based formulas and will cause rust on the molds if not applied to preheated molds. If rust appears, molds can be cleaned with a wire brush or sandblasted.

DO NOT USE Slide Spray or Lower Friction brand Boron Nitride Spray because for this application, they don’t work well. Water based mold release products, such as Primo Primer can be used on the molds only if you preheat the mold to about 225 degrees. Apply the primer while the molds are hot to get a good bond.

Firing Schedule
800 /hour 950 hold 10 minutes
AFAP 1340 30 minutes

Make adjustments to the recommended firing schedule to match your kiln setup and preferences. If you have issues with the mold release sticking to your glass, try firing to a lower temperature.

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Need some addition inspiration check out our Fusible Glass Leaf Molds and Videos problem solver article.

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Dimensions 6 × 7 × 7 in


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