Spectrum Stained and Fusible Glass

We have tons of Spectrum glass in-stock and a huge supply of Spectrum fusible glass. New Spectrum art glass and 96 fusible sheets are arriving almost daily. We 100’s of sheets to choose from including the hard to find Spectrum fusible reserve glass.

Unfortunately, Spectrum has stopped producing their beautiful glass. They have announced a new owner and will be moving the production of Spectrum to Mexico. It makes us wonder if Spectrum will take on a new look once the production starts late next year.

The Glass House has stocked up on Spectrum Glass & 96 Fusible, and we have a good supply of Bullseye & Uroboros Fusible. If you like to work with these types of fusing glass, stock up now before they are all gone.

Spectrum art glass arriving by the bulk crate
Spectrum stained glass sheets arriving by the crate at our store.

Spectrum Art Glass

We stock 100’s of sheets of hard to find waterglass, clear textures, and opal Spectrum stained glass in our store. Spectrum art glass comes in a wide variety of bold formulations and colors and is best picked out by visiting our retail store.

Spectrum S134W Medium Blue Waterglass Example

Spectrum 100RW Clear Rainwater Glass Example

Spectrum 60228-82CC Opal Green White Glass Example

Spectrum 96 Fusible Glass

The Glass House has stocked up on Spectrum system 96 fusing glass with new arriving daily. We also have 96 coe glass rods and fuser reserve.

Fusers’ Reserve is a limited edition line of experimental glass produced by Spectrum that range from playful to sophisticated. Many Fusers’ Reserve products have a strong, swirling pattern that they refer to as our “OpalArt™ Stir.” It’s a bold look — use it boldly.  If you like to work with these types of glass, stock up now before they are all gone!

One of many crates of fusible glass in our store

Spectrum Fusers Reserve blue and yellow example

Spectrum Fusers Reserve blue white and clear example

Spectrum Fusers Reserve Orange and Black Glass Sheet
Spectrum Fusers Reserve orange white and black glass example

Currently, we sell a limited Spectrum glass selection online. Please call or visit our glass shop in Decatur, Il. We won’t disappoint with our selection and great service.