Worden W18 New Sectional Lamp Form


Worden W18 New Sectional Lamp Form. This sectional form will make a 18” lamp. It has a partial magic strip pattern set on the form but no pattern to cut the glass. It has never been soldered on. You can use other W18 patterns. You can use the Wisteria (W18-1), Grape Vine (W18-2), Floral (W18-3), Pendant Cherry Tree (W18-5), Handel Periwinkle (W18-6), Old Rose (W18-7), Peacock (W18-8), Tulip (W18-9), Trumpet Vine (W18-10), Teddy Bear (W18-11), Tulip Ceiling (W18-12), or Leaf Ceiling (w18-13). These patterns not included.


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Worden Lamp patterns and forms are a great way to create your own “Tiffany” stained glass heirloom. Easy to use.

Worden Lamp Patterns and Forms are in very limited supply.



Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 12 × 21 in


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