CF18P Worden Full Lamp Form


Worden CF18 Full Lamp Form. This New form will make a 18”stained glass lamp. Will work with these patterns: CF18-1K Dragonfly, CF18-2 Dogwood, Cf18-3 Sweetheart Rose, CF18-4 Peony, CF18-5 Victorian Tulip, CF18-6 Art Nouveau, CF18-7K Fruit Border, CF18-8 Baroque, CF18-9 Rose Border, CF18-10 Chew’n Cow, CF18-11 Four Lil’ Pigs, CF18-12 Floral Border, CF18-14 Wild Rose, CF18-15 Impatiens Bouquet, CF18-16 Waterlily, CF18-17 Loon, CF18-18 Worden Chew’n Cow W, CF18-19 Worden Pig, CF18-20 Worden Rooster, CF18-21 Lei Flower, CF8-22 Pansy, CF18-23 Rococo w/ Flower, or CF18-24 Hummingbird. Pattern sets not included.

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Worden Lamp patterns and forms are a great way to create your own “Tiffany” stained glass heirloom. Easy to use.

Worden Lamp Patterns and Forms are in very limited supply.



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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 22 × 22 in


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