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2 Packs of one each of 12″ x 24” (30.5cm x 61cm) sheets. Securely holds glass tiles to glass substrates for mosaics or other types of glass art to be fired in a kiln. The thin film form factor allows the adhesive to fully burn off in the kiln leaving no residue. Great for creating frit grout lines for kiln fired mosaics.

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No Days ThinFuse Adhesive Film is designed for use when creating fused mosaics.

This heat activated adhesive makes it easy to place and reposition pieces with ease. If you never used it, you will wonder why!  It really makes it so easy to design your glass layout and create intricate mosaic designs as it holds each piece of glass in place.

Place your glass pieces to create your pattern-design then fill you grout lines with frit. When you’re ready, simply warm mesh with a heat gun to activate adhesive. To reposition pieces simply heat again, move and then reheat.

  • Burns off fully in the kiln.
  • Heat activated – can be bonded with a Heat Gun
  • Can be fired in a microwave kiln or standard kiln
  • Sheet measures 12″ x 24″ (30.5cm x 61cm)
  • For more information and tutorials visit No Days ThinFuse!

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