My copper patina job stinks!

Tired of getting poor copper patina results? You have tried everything short of standing on your head while applying copper patina and nothing seems to work. We have unlocked the mystery of getting your patina projects shiny and beautiful.

First, make sure your Copper Patina Solution hasn’t been contaminated. We pour the solution in the cap, rather than dip your brush in the bottle. Copper Patina Solution is very delicate and contamination can cause poor results. Also, use a brush only for Copper Patina, don’t share with any other chemicals.

Second, as soon as you have finished your soldering take it to the sink to apply your Copper Patina. Don’t wait until Dancing With The Stars is over. The longer you wait, the more oxidation will occur, which effects your finish. Don’t wash the project until after the Patina is applied. Washing it before can introduce contaminates from the water, which may effect your patina job. After you apply the Patina, then wash and neutralize the chemicals. We like to use Kwik-Clean as a neutralizer.

Third, our secret weapon, is to polish your project with Stained Glass Finishing Compound Polish. It will bring out the best in your Copper Patina and really shine.

4 thoughts on “My copper patina job stinks!

  1. Is there a way to remove the patina and restart the process

    1. Not easily. If it were black patina, try uusing polish. That might lighten. You may have to go over your solder seams with your iron to remove the patina.

  2. I have a question on your directions about applying copper patina. Are you saying once you finish soldering your piece, don’t clean off the flux, until after you apply patina then clean piece?

    1. The copper patina is acid based. There are all sorts of fluxes used to solder glass projects. Some are acid based, some are basic, and some are other. We use an acid based flux, so it works okay with the patina. If you are using a basic flux it might not work. If you are using a paste flux, you might not get much reaction at all. To sort this out in your situation, make a small test strip of soldered glass and try with flux residue and then try one without. See which works best in your situation. Either way you choose, be sure to neutralize your chemicals with you are finished.

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