Windows For The Soul by Bovard Revised Edition


Windows For The Soul Revised Edition

Author: Ron Bovard

Windows For The Soul is sure to be a valuable resource for art glass studios, liturgical designers and architects, Clergy and religious scholars, church building, renovation and or art committee members, and glass restoration specialists. This book reveals the link between the essence of man, the soul, and the stained glass window and fills one with a sense of peace and serenity.  Limited stock.


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Ron Bovard, President of Bovard Studio, Fairfield, Iowa, has teamed up with Wardell Publications stained glass to publish Windows For The Soul, a 160 page, all color book, featuring ecclesiastic stained glass. Bovard Studio, one of the nations leading art glass companies, uncovers the excitement and mystery involved in ecclesiastic art glass commissions. The author shares his masterful vision and discerning wisdom gleaned from thousands of commissions and restoration projects. The extensive text is a delightful read and describes some of Mr. Bovard more memorable undertakings. In addition, the reader will gain some insight into the creative process, as well as an overview of project work flow including, custom painting, staining, fabrication, bracing, and protective glazing. One notable chapter tracks a complete restoration of an original Tiffany window from its careful removal to final reinstallation. The more than 350 color photographs encompass every imaginable ecclesiastic design style from life like figure windows, to traditional, geometric, ornamental, and contemporary glass wall installations.

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