Warm Glass – A Complete Guide to Kiln-Forming Techniques

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Warm Glass – A Complete Guide To Kiln-Forming Techniques

Author: Philippa Beveridge, Ignasi Domenech, & Eva Pascual

Here’s the first and only full-color book on the subject of “warm,” or kiln-fired, glass in print. It provides a comprehensive look at one of the most popular skills for those working in the studio.

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With lavish illustrations, and all the processes involved in kiln-firing explained, the versatility of the dazzling technique of warm glass comes into clear focus. From fusing and slumping to casting and pâte de verre, everything is covered–complete with a corresponding graph on the firing cycle and information on the various types of glass, their compatibility, and their behaviors during firing. Invaluable tips tell how to avoid unexpected and unwanted effects, and also how to create a range of different results and finishes. Close-up pictures show each step in the process being carried out, and breathtaking photos display an inspirational gallery of finished works that are richly colored and gracefully shaped. A brief historical overview of glassmaking provides useful background.

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