SilkeMat Clarity Devitrification Solution

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SilkeMat™  Clarity Devitrification Solution -8 oz

Unexpected devitrification can ruin a beautiful art piece. Applying Clarity to your glass before firing can help eliminate that issue before it happens. Safe to use.


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  • Clean glass as usual
  • Do not stir or shake bottle before application
  • Using a foam brush or sprayer, lightly coat surface & Sides of the top piece of glass only
  • Do not allow the coating to migrate between or underneath the glass
  • Allow to dry completely before moving to the kiln
  • Only use water to remove the unwanted coating
  • Wash brushes with clear water to clean
  •  Do not ingest and avoid contact with eyes
  • Working temperatures around 1350F-1500F

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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 6 in


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