Grinding Bits-Quick-Fit Bit-1″


Quick Fit Bit-1″ with Holder, series 100, fits Glastar, Inland and Gryphon Grinders.

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Quick-Fit Bit Holder with 1″ Bit Bit Holder with 1″ Standard Bit (Series 100). TechniGlass’s revolutionary new grinder bit system—More affordable than conventional bits that freeze-up, corrode and flake. These bits absorb, do not reflect vibrations for a smooth edge (no chips). Quickly interchangeable for desired jobs. Attractive and suitably packaged on color-coded cards. Fits Inland, Gryphon and Glastar. HOW TO INSTALL REPLACEMENT BITS The Quick-Fit Bit™ Holder slides down onto the grinder shaft. The Quick-Fit Bit® Grinding Sleeve must position to the bottom stop ring of the holder (extreme end of holder nearest to grinder reservoir floor). With the locking lever down, the perimeter of the Quick Fit Bit® Holder expands, locking the bit and holder into place. HEIGHT ADJUSTMENT To achieve full utilization of your grinding bit ensure that the sleeve is positioned at the BOTTOM stop ring of the holder (extreme end of the holder nearest to grinder reservoir floor). To adjust, flip the orange lever UP on the Quick-Fit Bit™ Holder. Slide HOLDER up to position desired. Lock in place by flipping the orange lever DOWN. DO NOT ADJUST SLEEVE ON HOLDER. THIS WILL CAUSE SLEEVE TO SLIDE UP HOLDER. Sleeve must remain at BOTTOM stop ring of the holder to operate properly.

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