Dichroic Round 40mm Jewel BR40-04


This 40mm (1 1/2″) Round Faceted Jewel has a Cobalt Blue base and is very eye-catching with it’s dichroic coating.

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These are real Dichroic Coated glass jewels with the front face itself coated, not a thin piece of dichroic laminated to the back side. These real Dichroic coated treasures will catch the light differently with each facet or textured detail of the jewel. It is hard to describe the stunning effect. Each jewel will have variations of color which gives them a dynamic look, changing with light angles. The edge thickness can also vary slightly, the small ones at times slightly less than 1/8″ and the larger jumbo jewels running a little thicker at times.

The Dichroic Jewels  are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles, and colors, ready to add accent and pizzazz to any project.
Although they are first quality, they may vary slightly in color and effect from batch to batch and may have an occasional speck in the coating. This is part of the coating process. Additionally, like any dichroic coating, it can and may be sensitive to chemicals or fluxes.

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