Heavy Metal Suspended T-Shirt

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Heavy metal baghouse blues suspended stained glass red t-shirt (also available in black). Show your knowledge of the elimination of heavy metals in the production of stained glass with this tee shirt. Discontinued design.

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For the longest-lasting shirts, we recommend you machine wash them in cold water, inside out, and hang them to dry. If you’re a renegade (or lazy and bad at planning ahead, like us), you can throw them in the dryer, but they will shrink a bit. It’s what cotton does, even preshrunk cotton. Here’s a directive you’ll like: don’t ever iron your shirt. If you have to iron it, avoid the design.

Loose-fitting, heavy-weight cotton. A majority of our shirts are on this blank. When somebody asks, “What size t-shirt do you wear?” the measurements on this probably match up to your answer. Our shirts are 100% cotton, 5.3 oz.


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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 1 in