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This foiler has been used once or twice but looks like new. It has been mounted on a nicely finished board with a place for all of your wheels at your fingertips. Only one available!

A remarkable time-saver engineered to speed up and simplify copper foiling. Faster and more consistent than hand foiling, you can apply foil to glass edges in half the time-or less. Limited stock!

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The Glastar Glasfoiler™ accepts 3 sizes of foil: 3/16″, 7/32″ and 1/4″; and can dispense 2 different sizes at the same time. It is very easy to use, applies foil straighter, better centered, more consistent and is easy to reload.

Glastar foiler instruction manual

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Weight 5 lbs
Dimensions 20 × 10 × 10 in

2 reviews for Glastar Foiler- slightly used

  1. Connie M.

    I recently ordered and received the Glastar foiler. Was very unhappy with it. Requested information regarding return policy to Marilyn’s Glass House Store three different times. Received absolutely no response. Then…I receive an invitation to submit a review. Not a good manner to conduct a business. Would definitely caution against patronizing from this business.

    • Marilyn Trebacz

      Connie, I’m sorry you were unhappy with your purchase and we will be happy to do a return. I checked my email and spam folder and couldn’t find any emails from you so something went wrong somewhere. If all else fails call the store and talk to me directly six days a week. After 36 years of running our stained glass store, we pride ourselves on customer service.

  2. Dianne Peters (verified owner)

    I know how to foil by hand and I am very good at it. Still, I saw a stained glass bird making video that included a short introduction to a foiling machine so when I saw Glassstar’s model for sale, I ordered it. I had trouble setting up the machine and I thought the instructions were confusing, HOWEVER, I am more than happy with the machine and foiling is fun and free of foiling tedium. I am very impressed and my model is so much better than the model in the video I watched. Best instructions given were to anchor down the machine (I used the corner of a plywood 2×2 foot board that can be moved off the workbench and the admonition to give yourself 2 hours of experience before deciding to go back to hand foiling. Most confusing instruction was not telling me that the glass guide does raise up out of the way to snap on the rollers. (My wonderful husband quickly figured that out for me.). Thank you!!

    • Marilyn Trebacz

      Glad you like the foiler. As with any new tool, it has a learning curve. Once you tackle that, it will make foiling faster and more even and less tedious.

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