Dichroic Copper Sheet


Dichroic coated copper foil is 1/2 the cost of dichroic glass, non COE specific (any glass type), No pre-heating- the coating jumps off the copper and attaches to molten glass when marvering. It’s three times as thick as regular Dichroic coatings and it’s beautiful silver color has various rainbow hues.

The Dichroic Coated Coated Copper Foil comes in rectangular foil sheets 6″ x 12″. Limited stock.

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This product is designed to release from the copper carrier. Often, in the shipping process, the dichroic will begin to release from the copper carrier. This does not damage the dichroic in any way. Made by CBS Coatings by Sandberg, INC.

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Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 20 × 1 in


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